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Pathfinder Personnel
agency workers have again underlined the company’s credentials as the leading
nationwide provider of cruise ship services after supporting vessels calling in
three of Britain’s leading cruise ports during the past season.

Pathfinder has supported
associate companies SCH, Southern Maritime Services (SMS) and Cruise and
Passenger Services (CPS)  with operations
in Southampton, Liverpool and Portsmouth. Services have included mooring, baggage
handling and passenger valet car parking.

With Southampton the UK’s
major southern hub for cruise ship callers and Liverpool claiming the same
status for the north, Pathfinder and its sister companies have continued to consolidate
their nationwide network.

Some 200 ships have been
supported, with services provided to nearly one million passengers. Shipping
line customers have included the major global brands who have centered their
operations on Britain during the summer season.

Pathfinder will support SCH,
SMS and CPS in delivering a similar footprint during the 2020 season using
locally-based workforces throughout the country.

Director Lee Davis explained: “Personnel from our in-house agency have enabled us to expand the range of cruise services that we offer, supporting different ports in their niche markets. Besides adding to the volume of ships that we handle, we are now also looking to develop our geographical reach.”